A Collection refers to a collection of environments that live in one VPC in one cloud account (AWS) or project (GCP).

  • By default, you have one Collection after you onboard to Coherence, called Review. It contains all of your features (branch previews) as well as all of the static environments that you create on the Environments tab for that dashboard.
    • You can add as many Features and Static Environments to your Review collection as you want (or as your quotas for cloud resources like SSL certs, databases, and IPs will allow).
  • You can add a second Collection called Production using the setup flow on the Collections tab. It must live in a different cloud account (AWS) or project (GCP) than the Review collection.
    • You can only have 1 Environment and 0 Features in your Production collection.
    • After you've connected your production cloud account, we are going to create your Production Collection, and we're going to deploy an environment to it, called Production.

Infra Config Job Logs

You can view a history of changes to the infrastructure of each Collection by clicking to the detail page and looking at the list of jobs, with their associate logs and (if applicable) errors. These are useful to see a history of changes made to your infra, why the changes were made, etc. For compliance purposes (e.g. SOC2) you will eventually need something just like this.

Infra Config Job Logs

Environment variables