How To

Workspace Authentication

In order to access a Workspace, you need to be logged into a Coherence account. RIght now, any Coherence account can access any workspace. In the future, more options around access will be provided, such as public access, team-only access, personal access, or some control over which paths or domains are accessible. The presence of a UUID in the URL for the Workspace, along with https-only service, serves as a unique token to help ensure access is restricted even within Coherence. You'd have to share the URL with someone else on the platform to grant them access to the Workspace.

There are 3 paths routed to the Workspace that do not require authentication or authorization to access. The latter 2 are particularly useful for services like Slack, as an alternative to something like ngrok:

  • /_hc (used internally in the Workspace for the routing/proxy services)
  • /public
  • /api/public
Use Emacs or VIM in a Workspace