Config Checker

The config checker runs a series of tests to ensure that you can configure infra and launch workspaces successfully for your app when you finish onboarding.

It currently checks for the following:

  • Docker file(s) exist
  • Image builds successfully
  • For frontend services, checks that assets are where they’re expected to be after a build
  • For backend services, checks that the app starts up and listens on $PORT successfully

How it works

  • The cli parses your coherence yml
  • Your repo is zipped and uploaded to gcs
  • A config check is executed on a Coherence server, that will run all the checks we support for your application
  • The cli polls for status updates until the job finishes and reports pass/fail for all of the checks performed

How to use it

The config checker is located on the final step of our onboarding process, the "Configure infra" step.

Config Checker location

Click on the "advanced" dropdown to open and then click "Start validator."

Config checker expanded

The validator could take up to a minute to start. Once it does, click the "Open validator" button.

Open validator button

Next, you will be dropped inside of one of our workspaces where you can run the config checker via the cocli like so:

cocli h configtest

This command will output all of the commands available for the configtest command.

To test your app for compatibility with Coherence enter the following command and press enter.

cocli configtest

Cocli configtest successful


If you have a database and/or are using Redis, they will be present at app startup. If health check or app boot requires them they will work.

Environment Variables

To import environment variables, create a file named .coherence_env in the repo_path of your service.

For example:


The contents of the file should contain your environment variables like so: