January 2024 Changelog

We're excited to share our January updates!



Dashboard Speed Optimization

  • All users should notice a faster dashboard thanks to some deep work on API optimization!

Deploy an existing image instead of build step

  • You can now deploy a docker image built outside of Coherence by skipping the build step of a pipeline and deploying a pre-existing image.
  • This is also useful if you’re doing advanced build management with a monorepo and the “file glob” controls are not enough for your build process

CPU and memory settings

  • You can now specify separate CPU/memory settings for preview vs. production, in addition to existing support for separate replica/scale count

Variable Aliasing

  • All built-in environment variables can now be easily aliased so that you don't need to change existing variable references in your code as you onboard your app to Coherence
Compliance, security and privacy