A toolbox is a hosted cloud shell that acts as a CLI container for an environment. You can think of it as an SSH (Secure Shell) automatically configured for you with the correct role, access, and ssh keys. Toolboxes have all the ENV variables and VPC peering to talk to resources like your database, Redis, etc.

Toolboxes run in Coherence's cloud. They do not run on your infrastructure.

Starting a toolbox

Toolbox dropdown

Toolbox dropdown

VSCode terminal

After launching the toolbox you'll end up in a VSCode editor. Open a new terminal window from the menu at the top or by pressing the following keyboard shortcut ctrl + ~.

VSCode terminal menu

Full-screen terminal

You can make the terminal full-screen with the ^ button on the terminal tab.

Learn more

For a real-world use case of a toolbox, please check out Run a one-off migration task after deploying my service.

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