How To

Use Emacs or VIM in a Workspace

It's easy to use VIM or emacs instead of VSCode in a workspace. From the terminal (you can hide the file browser and make the terminal full-screen with the ^ button on the terminal tab), simply type vim or emacs to use these editors.

Configure any preferred customizations or extensions by editing the .vimrc, .emacs, or other appropriate config file as you wish, and then re-starting the editor so it loads the config file.

Persisting customizations

To persist the config file(s) between restarts, and to have them automatically configured on a new Coherence Workspace by default, add the files to your Coherence profile.

Visit the profile page when logged into Coherence.

Add the files to the Config section of the Profile, in the appropriate location

All of your custom settings will now be persisted and automatically configured on new Coherence Workspaces.

Install packages in a workspace