Production refers to a collection of environments that live in one VPC in one cloud account (AWS) or project (GCP). You can add your Production collection using the setup flow on the Production tab in your application.

  • It must live in a different cloud account (AWS) or project (GCP) than the Preview collection
  • You can only have 1 Environment and 0 Previews in your Production collection
  • After you connect your Production cloud account, Coherence creates your Production collection, and deploys an environment to it, called Production.
  • Learn more about adding your Production collection

Shared variables

Like preview, you can add shared variables to your production collection, Coherence only supports one environment in production today, but if this ever changes, it's best to have your variables defined here than directly on the environment itself. Learn more about variables.

Infra Config Job Logs

You can view a history of changes to the infrastructure in Production by clicking "Infrastructure logs". Each log describes the changes made by job and (if applicable) errors. These are useful to see a history of changes made to your infrastructure, why the changes were made, etc. For compliance purposes (e.g. SOC2) this will come in handy.

Infra Config Job Logs

Preview (project)