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Customer Deployment

It’s as simple and fast as a few hours to give your team a self-service deployment capability into any AWS or GCP account, with maintenance and monitoring options built right in. We’ve called this various things: “customer deployments,” “on-prem,” and “own cloud.” So if those terms are more familiar, this page might still be useful for you. Please get in touch if you've got any questions on how this can work for your team.

Compared to other solutions, Coherence is appealing because:

  • Coherence is easy to set up and is simple to use
  • Coherence supports "day 2" tasks such as monitoring and maintainence
  • Coherence does not require a large deployment footprint such as a kubernetes cluster in the target account. You can rely on simple, fully-managed services that are easy to maintain over time
  • Coherence can also support your team with internal developer experience and productivity use cases such as Preview Environments or Velocity monitoring

Why do software companies’ customers want their own instance or to host in their own cloud account?

  • Data ownership and compliance requirements
  • Scalability concerns when sharing an instance
  • Depending on the SaaS, ability to customize some parts of it
  • Ability to control the rate of change, to reduce bugs and to improve ability to train employees on the specific version deployed
  • Integration into other “on-prem” systems

Coherence Support for Customer Deployments

Coherence can enable your team to spin up new customer environments in just a few minutes. Just as important, it also makes it easy to monitor, maintain, and support those deployments going forward. Here's how it works.

Manage and monitor the environment

You'll be able to use tools in your cloud, and will also get access to the toolbox if you need to take action in an environment.