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Our GitHub integration does the following: - Installs the app for webhooks - Post back check status on each commit when we run the build - Adds a comment on each PR with the Coherence preview URL - Auto-creation of features from Github pull requests. Enable "Create Preview via Pull Requests in the Settings tab in Coherence and when we receive a webhook from github about a pull request in your repo for a branch that is not present in Coherence, we will create a new Preview environment, submit a build, and leave a comment with a link the Preview on your pull request.

Docker Hub

Docker Hub enforces rate limits on unauthenticated image pulls. - On GCP, Google runs a caching proxy that hides this problem from you. - On AWS, CodeBuild project executions use shared IPs and by default you will be rapidly rate limited using public images hosted by Docker in your account. - Coherence hides the problem by using a Coherence-provided Docker Hub account that has increased rate limits, to pull images more frequently. However, this still leaves you vulnerable to our account being used aggressivly by other applications. Therefore, we also allow you to provide your own Docker Hub credentials to be used in your build pipelines. - To provide your Docker Hub credentials to your pipelines, you just need to set the Environment Variables DOCKER_USERNAME and DOCKER_PASSWORD. Like all variables, these can be the project-level default scope, or per-environment scope.


To integrate Coherence with Slack you will first need to click on the settings tab at the top of the Coherence dashboard.

Coherence Settings Tab

Scroll to the bottom of the page where you will see the "Integrations" section. Click on the Install button next to Slack.

Slack Integration install button

Next, you will need to enter the name of your Slack workspace. Then click the Continue button.

Find Slack workspace screen

Once Slack finds your workspace you will need to grant Coherence access to your workspace.

Slack allow access screen

If everything worked correctly, you should see the "Successfully installed Slack" screen.

Successfully installed Slack

Finally, you will need to select which Slack channel you would like Coherence to post to on the settings page of the Coherence dashboard.

Coherence select Slack channel


doppler is a secrets manager platform. To integrate with coherence, you can place the command doppler run --token=$VAR_NAME before your command in cnc.yml, and set the variable for the token in each collection or environment as appropriate.