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Create a new IAM role in AWS

Coherence uses a managed service account to access to the API’s required to perform automated configuration of the cloud native services we support. This walkthrough will show you how to add it.

First, click on the copy to clipboard button next to the “Custom trust policy” JSON data.


Then within your AWS console, search for “IAM” in the search bar at the top of the page. Then click on the “IAM” service in the search results.


Click on “Roles” in the left sidebar.


Then click the “Create role” button.


Select the “Custom trust policy” tab.


Then, delete the JSON data in the Custom trust policy and paste in the JSON you copied from Coherence.


Click on the “Next” button at the bottom.

Add permissions

Back in Coherence click the copy to clipboard button next to the Permission Policy.


Back in AWS, paste this into the search bar and select “AdministratorAccess.” (See the production setup docs if you want to specify a different role)


Click the “Next” button.

Role name

Finally, back in Coherence, copy the role name.


Paste the role name into AWS.


Click the “Create role” button at the bottom.

You should then see a message that says the role was created.


Now that our role is created, click the “Continue” button in Coherence. You should advance to the next step if everything is properly set up.