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Coherence Changelog

Q1 2024

Overall, Q1 has been a refocusing time at Coherence. Alongside the improvements above, we have been working on the concept for “what does Coherence v2 look like?” In March, we’ve been deep into the work to produce it, and by the end of May we plan to release it into the wild. Really excited to show you all what we’ve been working on and we know you’ll love it. Thanks so much to the folks who we’ve spoken with along the way who have helped us refine the design and make sure it’s going to work for more advanced use cases. As a teaser, v2 is all about customizability and exposing the low-level building blocks that let Coherence provide a great developer experience on top of cloud providers. We’ll be heads-down for a bit longer but we see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Onboarding Overhaul

Simplified the onboarding flow with a more intuitive experience and decoupled github app installation from cloud provider onboarding. New Onboarding

API Speed

Overall site speed improves, with some latency metrics decreasing by over 90% on slow endpoints

Support for CLI promote to static env

The cocli tool now supports promotion with existing images built outside Coherence

Aliasing UI

Fixes and improvements to the new variable aliasing feature

Support for GCP backend service custom headers

You can now supply custom backend headers as per

AWS DB version handling

Handle options for minor version updates more seamlessly


Dashboard Speed Optimization

  • All users should notice a faster dashboard thanks to some deep work on API optimization!

Deploy an existing image instead of build step

  • You can now deploy a docker image built outside of Coherence by skipping the build step of a pipeline and deploying a pre-existing image.
  • This is also useful if you’re doing advanced build management with a monorepo and the “file glob” controls are not enough for your build process

December 2023

We're excited to share our December updates!



Velocity Analytics is now GA

Learn more about it here and join our webinar where we'll walk through the dashboard. We released the first wave of beta invites for this, the feedback has been great, and we’re excited to roll it out to everyone else

Deployments List

Deployments List Many of you have access to more than one application, and have let us know that it’s cumbersome to get a holistic view of deployments across them all. This “new look” home screen is our first step towards solving this problem. We hope it is helpful and look forward to your feedback!

Various bugs and improvements

  • AWS mutli-db support - can now have more than one DB per service
  • AWS EFS support - can use an existing EFS filesystem as part of your workloads
  • $ Cost improvements for sharing workers in previews