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September 2023 Changelog

We're excited to share our September updates!


Velocity Panel

  • We’re hosting a panel at Grand Central Tech on Thursday 10/19 to discuss how startups can keep their engineering velocity high and keep shipping!


  • Coherence is sponsoring DjangoCon in Raleigh and Zach/Zan will be on-site at the booth. Come say hi!

ROI calc

  • Check it out here
  • This is a helpful tool for teams to understand the value that Coherence can offer when compared to their status quo


Neon Integration

  • We’ve built the lowest-lift integration we’ve seen, seamlessly providing per-branch neon databases for your Coherence apps
  • Docs here


  • Building on top of the inline log viewer, we now have the ability for you to request troubleshooting steps for any failing pipelines inline in our UI, leveraging the log data, metadata from Coherence, and recent commit history as context for the prompt. We've seen some useful results! Inline Logs

Refreshed Onboarding UI

  • We continue to work towards the quickest onboarding possible, and this is both a UX improvement in the near term as well as setting up our next iteration of how we can make it 10x easier to get your app running on Coherence Onboarding Refresh

GKE work

  • We are almost done with our first k8s-powered backend option for Google Cloud Platform. If selected, we will deploy workloads to GKE instead of Cloud Run, and this will allow you to supply a custom helm chart for each service to control the injection of things like sidecar containers and other customizations.
  • The future path here includes options for internal-only microservices as well as of course expanding similar functionality to AWS. Let us know if you're interested in being a design partner!

Various bugfixes and improvements

  • Support Postgres 15 on AWS
  • Deploy summary generator updates
  • Continued rollout of VPC-native DB connections for GCP - this is now the default for new apps