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May 2023 Changelog

We had another productive month in May! We've been tackling some big projects on builds based on customer feedback along with everything below. More to come next month!

Customer Story with The Rounds

We released our first customer story with The Rounds. Check out how The Rounds improved their QA process to increase velocity and quality

Live with our RedwoodJS deployment integration

You might have heard that the community is doubling down on “serverful” support, which is a natural fit for the DX option we’re providing for apps deploying to AWS or GC. You can see more in their docs.

Custom timeouts for AWS cert validations

  • Make infra config more reliable

Multiple Redis Outputs

  • Support multiple redis instances in infra

Onboarding Improvements

  • Add Terraform resources to onboarding
  • More error handling to previous steps

Bugfixes for SQS, DataDog and Nixpacks