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March 2023 Changelog

March was a great month for us as we shipped about 70 PRs to production this month, including datadog fixes, security updates (storing your database passwords only in cloud secrets in your own account), build error handling, SSO & email account linking, yml validator expansion, github auth updates, and more!

Infrastructure Configuration Job Logs

We now show the triggers, environments and resources that Coherence creates on your behalf in your cloud and if there are any errors (e.g. quota issues) they’re shown here as well. Infra Config Job Logs

Release Manager Role

Now only admins and release managers can deploy to production or access production data via a toolbox. You can edit collaborator roles in the dashboard.

Region Selector

You can now choose the region your app will deploy to during the app creation flow. Currently you cannot change the region of an existing app. Region Selector

Updated Github Comments

Nicer formatting of PR comments showing environment links on Coherence.

VPC Sharing

Now multiple apps (for now, on AWS only) can deploy into the same VPC, allowing sharing of databases and other resources between apps. This is important for larger teams with many services, and for many existing apps. See details here.

GPT App Starter Repo

We released an open-source starter repo for GPT-powered applications on Coherence. The example app is a QA engineer, which will generate playwright.js tests for the source code you upload. Feel free to fork and iterate on it, or to use it as the bases for any other GPT-powered use-case hosted on Coherence!