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June 2023 Changelog

June was a month where a few long-running projects we’ve been working on came to fruition. Some fun updates before we get into the product changelog:

Cloud Whitepaper Index

Launched our Cloud Whitepaper Index, our AI-powered Cloud Architecture expert

Open Sourced Pinecone + LangChain Starter App

We then open sourced a starter app that was used to build the Whitepaper Index, leveraging Pinecone, LangChain and Svelte on top of Coherence

Build Splitting

Builds are now split out into discrete pipeline steps. This lets you see status updates, has better links to logs, and (soon) inline we will bring errors and logs into our product at the step level. We also added websockets so that the UI is updated directly from cloud provider API (and is sometimes even faster than their own dashboards).

Additionally, we've provided new settings menus (the gear button next to "submit build" and in the application settings) that allows you to toggle the deploy and integration. You can now enable test-only features, for example (and get check status on github) without having to deploy each commit. You can also manually deploy the most recent pipeline.

It's worth noting that this is a project that lays the foundation for additional build speed improvements that we'll continue to roll out in the near term. Build Splitting

Partial Builds for Monorepos

  • We will now use repo_path and optional include/exclude glob paths in the yml to do a diff of the last and current deploy and be smart about which apps/service we build
  • Currently in closed beta, let us know if you want to try it

Additional Updates

  • Made our github integration more resilient when they went down last week
  • Updated the format of github check runs and environment link comments to make them more useful
  • Support for database sharing across services on GCP
  • Environment variable UI updates (with more to come here soon!)