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July 2023 Changelog

Another awesome month in July. We attended the AWS Summit in NYC which was an awesome event. As we saw AWS unveil new products and functionality it only became clearer that a solution like Coherence is crucial to harness the complexity and power the major clouds provide.

To that end we published our latest customer story with Shiv from Ultralight who says “Coherence allows us to harness the capabilities of AWS in the simplest possible way.”

We published our first tutorial videos for setting up apps on Coherence using different frameworks and languages on both AWS and GCP.

Lastly we kicked off our audit period for SOC2 Type II and completed all controls for SOC2 and HIPAA in our Vanta GRC tool.

Onto the Changelog:

Dashboard UI Refresh

Big news! As you’ve probably noticed already, we’ve rehauled some of the terms and organizing principles of the app to be more intuitive and simple.

  • Overview is gone, instead, we’ve removed “Collections” and replaced them with two new tabs “Preview”, and “Production”. These are one-to-one with your Cloud projects and accounts and better match existing mental models.
  • “Environments” tab is gone and now lives as a tab inside each “Preview” and “Production”, so for each project you can see all your environments in one view.
  • “Features” are now “Branch Previews”. We felt that since our branch previews are so much more than that (workspaces, toolboxes) they needed a different name. Ultimately it made sense to call them what people are expecting them to be.
  • “Default branch” is now pulled out of the list and lives in its own “Integration branches” section. We feel this better matches people’s mental model and workflow.

Dashboard UI Refresh

Dashboard pipeline “Quick view”

By popular demand we’ve saved you a click or two by letting you pull up the pipeline from the dot module on the environment listing items.

Pipeline Quick View

Build Speed Improvements

  • Support for multi-stage build cache on GCP for docker builds with more than one build stage
  • Support for ECR cache image to speed up image builds on AWS (multi-stage cache support coming as soon as AWS updates the CodeBuild image to include the latest BuildKit version)
  • Optimized image push & pull semantics for speed improvements

Reseed stage for builds

  • You can now reset the database in any environment (not production!) to its initial state with just a button click. This was a highly requested feature and we’re excited to keep working in this area to make managing data in test environments seamless.
  • More work in this area is underway now!

Bulk edit of environment variables during onboarding

Bulk Edit Variables - Paste in a .env-formatted file of values, we will convert them to cloud secrets...

Bug Fixes

  • Archived environments link state
  • Environment variable scoping UI for collections
  • Github integration hardening from when they went down and served us a lot of 500’s
  • Terraform version upgrades
  • AWS service account permission updates