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January & February 2023 Changelog

Feature branch selector

You can now more easily create a Coherence feature from an existing GitHub branch with a new typeahead UI.

Feature branch selector

Responsive Build UI

Faster polling and other improvements to make the builds list more real-time. You should still expect that if seconds matter, the status etc. are most up-to-date on the cloud platform.

Database Snapshot Support

Coherence now supports snapshots automatically. This means that you can upload a DB dump to S3 or Google Cloud Storage, and we’ll do all the hard parts of IAM and scripting to make it usable in a new development or branch preview environment, each time you launch one.

Data Storage Enhancements: S3 and GCS

Coherence now manages S3 and GCS for object storage, similar to how we already manage databases and redis instances.


Configure Coherence without Dockerfiles required, using Nixpacks. If you don’t provide a Dockerfile for your service, we will automatically try and deploy it without one.

DataDog Integration

Coherence now integrates with DataDog for AWS. Supports the full ECS/FireLens Sidecar, as well as StatsD proxy.

Pause Preview Environments

You can now automatically pause Preview Environments to save on cloud costs for inactive environments.

Github token improvements

We added a buffer to refresh before expiration more frequently. We always refresh when you start a workspace so you have at least eight hours left on your token and we catch expired tokens earlier in our API.

SSO support

You can now sign up and login using GitHub and Google SSO

Docs updates

We’re continuing to work on this documentation site, including new deep dive sections for AWS and GCP