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April 2023 Changelog

April was another great month where we primarily focused on quality improvements and enhancements based on customer feedback. We've also been working closely with the Redwood community and look forward to launching our Deployment Integration with them!

RedwoodJS Deployment Integration

  • We're excited to be a deployment partner and will be part of the RedwoodJS CLI and documentation
  • We will go live in next release, hopefully by end of May


  • Re-activating paused features via UI
  • UX for environments in our dashboard
  • Support for AWS regions with less than 3 zones in production (e.g. London)
  • DataDog bugfixes
  • Fix slack disconnection option in settings
  • And more!

AWS SQS Support

We now support AWS SQS resources for message queues (in beta)

Allow apps to disable RDS Proxy in AWS

Supports use of Row Level Security features

AWS EventBridge events

When an environment is created or destroyed AWS EventBridge events can be used to trigger custom logic in your AWS environments if needed