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December 2022 Changelog

Config checker

The config checker runs a series of tests to ensure that you can configure infra and launch workspaces successfully for your app when you finish onboarding.

It currently checks for the following:

  • docker file(s) exist
  • image builds successfully
  • for frontend services, checks that assets are where they’re expected to be after a build
  • for backend services, checks that the app starts up and listens on $PORT successfully

How it works (cocli configtest): - the cli parses your coherence yml - your repo is zipped and uploaded to gcs - A config check build is submitted that will run all the tests - The cli polls for status updates until the job finishes and reports pass/fail for all of the checks performed


Secrets added by users are now never stored in our databases. They are only stored in the user’s cloud project (they still pass through our servers in memory).

We also added the ability to scope environment variables to particular environments and override variables in specific environments. So, if a user wants to test their application with a different environment variable on a feature branch, they can do that. They can test the new value on a preview environment before they change that value on main. We already offered the ability to scope variables to environments, but now users can scope on a per-feature-per-service basis.

We also added some better handling around various types of values like multiline variables, special characters, and ssh keys.

Region deploy selection

Users can now choose which region to deploy their application in.

Speed and performance tweaks

  • Workspaces: Increased memory/cpu for workspaces to better handle things like linting/auto-formatting especially
  • Added db indexes on frequently queried fields
  • Made api schema leaner by removing some nested models
  • Improved page load time (depends on how much data is being fetched but for us it went from ~10s to < 3s)