Coherence Documentation

Platform-as-a-service in your cloud

Coherence provides automated environments for developing, testing, and deploying your app to AWS or GCP. With a minimal yaml file, it spins up full-stack environments with automated build pipelines using cloud-native services.

  • Get a branch preview environment for each PR
  • Run build pipelines including mission-critical steps like database seeding, migrations, end-to-end tests, and parallelized unit tests
  • Deploy to production with a simple UI
  • Interact with your environment’s resources via web-based SSH containers (access control built-in)
  • Easily manage secrets and variables

Migration guides

Migrate from Heroku
Migrate from Render
Migrate from Vercel

Why choose Coherence?

Coherence gives you the scale and reliability of public cloud infrastructure without the platform expertise, bandwidth, or hassle required to set up and maintain it. Additionally, we take advantage of best practices on your behalf, for example:

  • Environment variables and DB creds are stored as secrets by default using your cloud’s secrets manager
  • Advanced cost controls such as automatic autoscaling, idle environments spinning down automatically, and branch environments running on spot instances
  • Resources (such as DB/redis) are secured from open internet via network firewalls
  • When needed, e.g. for postgres, database proxy manages connection pool to protect database uptime
  • Continuous integration of new cloud native features and cost optimizations

Imagine the user experience of a Platform-as-a-Service (Heroku/Render) but without the black box — and no infrastructure work on your roadmap. That’s Coherence. If your team is already or soon to be cloud-enabled and doesn’t want to spend time and money hiring or doing DevOps — give us a try!