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Platform-as-a-Service that you can control

what is coherence diagram

Coherence is the first Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) you can control. Unlike "black-box" platforms that are opiniated about the infra you can deploy, Coherence is powered by CNC, the open-source platform engineering framework, which offers limitless customization. Coherence is a developer platform that offers:

  • Infra as Code execution of provision tasks, with RBAC, auditability, and configuration - all integrated into your own cloud provider
  • Automated CI/CD for build and deploy, integrated into your source control provider, e.g. github
  • A developer portal with self-service developer functionality like secrets management, deployment interface, environment mangement, and "day 2" awesomeness like toolboxes and observability built-in

Using Coherence, you get the power of cnc with all the glue code taken care of for you. For example, you can:

  • Define your environments using our simple UI in the developer portal (but supports the full cnc.yml spec for power users)
  • Easily create new environments via UI, CLI, or integrations, including production, staging, dev, and ephemeral environments
    • GitHub integration for automatic preview environments
  • Collaborate with your team securely using environment variables, cloud secrets, RBAC, and automated CI/CD in your own cloud
  • Use as many cloud accounts for different groups of environments as you'd like, e.g. dev/staging/production segregation
  • Deploy using built-in reference architectures in cnc, but full freedom to customize or write your own deployment architecture

Migration guides

Running on a Platform-as-a-Service like Heroku, Render, Railway, Fly, or Vercel? Often we see three main reasons folks graduate to the public cloud:

  • Cost: Cloud is cheaper at scale
  • Compliance: HIPAA, PCI,ISO, FedRAMP, or other requirements that public cloud provides
  • Customizability: AWS has 200+ services, and teams want access to the ones that help them deliver value

If you're migrating for a PaaS, we've got some examples to give you an idea what that looks like.

Why choose Coherence?

For developers, Coherence provides the simplest way to manage cloud infrastructure and deploy apps and services to different environments. It solves common problems, includes best practices, and is great for collaborating with a team.

For platform engineers, Coherence replaces 3 products with 1, enabling 10x better customizability and enabling them to build their own internal developer platform without compromising on control or ownership. These 3 products are:

  • Developer portal: the UI and CLI that devs use to manage environments, get information about services, and deploy code/changes.
  • CI/CD: the deployment tooling and user experience, UI for pipeline visibility and logging, deploy continuously from branches with github integration, or promote builds manually via UI or API.
  • Infra as Code execution layer: Execute provision jobs against many environments with RBAC permissions, Use cnc to make it easy for devs to define environments and services, while giving platform teams ability to customize terraform and scripts limitlessly.

Coherence is unique because it is built on top of CNC which is the first platform engineering framework. This enables you to deliver better products to your teams, faster. cnc is an open-source tool that guarantees you won't be locked into a black box in the future, and provides the core value