Why Coherence?

Coherence is the first developer experience platform. Using Coherence means your team can focus on writing your application and serving your users, instead of wrangling your own deployments or fighting their environments. With one simple configuration, you get:

  • Platform-as-a-Service experience running in your own AWS or GCP account. Easily automate different types of environments from dev, to staging, branch previews, demos, or production
  • Nothing for your team to install. Fully-integrated CI/CD pipelines that deploy manged services in your own cloud provider (e.g. AWS CodeBuild/CodePipeline or GCP Cloud Build)
  • Cloud-based development environments configured automatically

The problem

Modern software development has come a long way in recent years. However, we see on the ground that teams still spend more than a third of their time debugging, supporting, and maintaining internal tools instead of delivering value to customers. What if you could get all of that time back?

The solution

Coherence is your internal platform for software engineering, with 10x less glue to set up and maintain than stitching together your own string of open-source projects. We provide a world-class devops platform that you can buy for a fraction of the price of building and maintaining it yourself. By bringing best practices and self-service to your developers, you'll get an enhanced workflow and increased productivity from your team. And when something goes wrong, rather than blow up your sprint, you can get into a shared slack channel with us and get professional support!

At its core, Coherence is a highly abstracted Infrastructure-as-Code format (coherence.yml) that combines what is traditionally defined across different kinds of systems:

  • Infrastructure configuration such as pulumi, CDK, or terraform
  • CI/CD pipeline yml such as Jenkins, GitLab CI, or GitHub Actions
  • Workload orchestration such as kubernetes, docker compose, or AWS's ECS

In your configuration, you provide the information we use to seamlessly orchestrate all the resources your application needs to deploy to your own AWS or GCP account - Cloud IDEs for dev, build pipelines for delivery, full-stack preview environments (with production-like resources such VPCs, containers, databases/cache, SSL, DNS, etc...), web-based SSH containers for access to deployments, production systems in distinct cloud accounts, and a hosted UI to make it easy for your team to use. Since we're running in your own cloud, you maintain total visibility, ownership, and flexibility when you need lower-level control.

How it works


Coherence creates dev environments that are automatically configured and accessible from your browser.

  • Include your custom settings and extensions so that each development environment is configured precisely to your liking.
  • Gone are the days of “it works on my machine.” Our disposable development environments are always freshly synced, so you no longer have to maintain packages, dependencies, updates, etc.
  • Developers are productive in minutes, not days.

Preview and test

Coherence makes it easy to get automated, production-quality, full-stack branch preview environments on-demand. Imagine the Vercel workflow for your containerized full-stack app, running in your own cloud account!

  • Developers can quickly and easily test their colleague’s code in seconds without disrupting their own work.
  • Get feedback easily by sharing a link with your changes
  • Fully managed CI/CD automatically configured for you. You can integrate another provider if you would like.

Deploy and scale

Coherence provisions a production-grade cloud environment (AWS, GCP) for your application with fully managed infrastructure as code.

  • A single configuration file is all that is necessary for Coherence to manage your cloud infrastructure
  • Deploy to production with a single click and rollback just as easily
  • SSH shell access to any environment from your browser

Advanced Best Practices

Get off on the right foot for security, reliability, and performance. When you use Coherence, it is our job to make sure that we are choosing the best cloud services, integrating them together seamlessly, and maintaining them going forward. This includes keeping an eye on your cloud costs. For example, you could build full-stack preview environments yourself, but would you use spot instances and pause inactive environments automatically? Throughout your development toolchain, similar questions come up where your team likely knows better but doesn't have the bandwidth to prioritize "doing it right." We do!

Avoids Lock-In

Coherence provides Cloud IDEs, dev environments, full-stack branch previews, and pipelines in your own cloud with one simple configuration file. We also support robust integrations with important partners such as GitHub, Slack, and DataDog.

If you decide not to use Coherence in the future, or if Coherence disappears, your cloud infrastructure remains intact and operational. We only operate between your devs and your cloud, not your cloud and your users.

Supported clouds

Currently, we support Google Cloud Platform and AWS. However, our platform is built to allow us support additional cloud providers in the future.

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