Access to logs and monitoring

For all services, we'll link you right from the environment's Coherence page to various services to help you operate your application. Different service types get different kinds of links, and further vary based on configured resources in coherence.yml.

backend services

Backend services link to cloud run logs for the service, as well as GKE logs for both workers and scheduled tasks. For any configured resources, links to the resources are also available (see "Resources" link below.

Cloud run also has lots of other observability data in our configuration (linked on other tabs from logs link):

  • CPU/memory/disk usage
  • Request latency
  • Any unhandled errors (equivalent to Sentry/Rollbar/etc)

frontend services

Frontend services link to logs for the load balancers. These have per-request logs (indicating cache hits from CDN etc) as well as metrics for key stats like:

  • response status code distribution
  • response latency
  • request count

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