In either a review or production environment, a toolbox is a web-based instance of VSCode running an instance of all your services in the environment. It enables you to get a REPL in an environment to run one-off commands, perform post-deploy or pre-deploy actions, and do the kinds of manual investigation and configuration that occasionally arise in modern web apps.

Compared to traditional solutions like SSH, they are far more secure and reliable since they're kept up to date, use SSO with Coherence accounts, are ephemeral, and are highly auditable. In the near future, we intend to offer additional functionality such as the "2 person rule" for using these in sensitive environments.

cocli CLI installed on IDE container

There is a CLI called cocli provided on your Toolboxes. It provides an easy to use wrapper around running commands in the containers for your services. No need to manage arcane kubectl invocations.

You can use cocli help in the terminal on a Toolbox to get help, but the 2 most useful commands are:

  • services list all the names of the running services
  • exec SERVICE_NAME COMMAND run a command in the service (will attach input and a TTY if required, e.b. when running bash or a REPL

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