SDLC (Workflow)

Generally, work moves through a defined lifecycle on Coherence:

  • Feature created (manually or via source control webhook)
  • Possible checkpoints such as design/planning steps
  • Review environment created in cloud project
  • Workspaces created & development done (can also be done in self-managed local environment)
  • Code pushed to github from development
  • CI pipelines verify code (lint/scan/, run per-service unit tests, build containers, deploy to review environment)
  • Integration (cross-service) tests run on review environment
  • Code merged into trunk branch (main/master/production)
  • trunk deploys to integration testing environment (pre-production) with each commit that passes CI
  • Code automatically or manually deployed via automated incremental canary deploy to seperate production environment
  • Using web-hosted CLI to run one-off commands (REPL/CLI)

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