Key Terms


User account representing a logged in person working on a team that's using Coherence. We use Auth0 for hosted login.


Defined in coherence.yml at the root of the repo, and copied into each environment and updated as the branch changes if the environment is based on a feature.


The collection of cloud resources needed to deploy the services defined in coherence.yml.


A CI pipeline kicked off by either a manual action or a github push. Submits build YAML generated from coherence.yml by Coherence systems into your own CI provider (e.g. Cloud Build, Circle, Github Actions). Builds containers, runs tests and code quality best practices, other advanced steps - automatically.


Cloud IDE instance for a user/feature, deployed in its own namespace in a workspace cluster in Coherence's cloud. Ability for enterprise teams to run in their own cloud.


A unit of work. At some point in its lifecycle, has an environment. Branch name points to configured repo for the application. Created in the Coherence UI, creates a branch on github if one doesn't exist, uses an existing one if it does.


Hosted cloud shell that acts as a CLI container for an environment. In its own namespace in workspace cluster, using GKE Workload Identity to assume the appropriate role in your application's cloud project.