The first developer experience platform

Welcome to Coherence!

We hope you're excited to build something on the world's first developer experience platform.

Our goal is to orchestrate your toolchain so your team can focus on coding, with all the tools they need to do great work. With one configuration, Coherence orchestrates a complete production-grade toolchain for you, from your cloud infrastructure to your dev environment, so you don’t have to. No more yak-shaving!

What you get

  • Automated, disposable Cloud IDE’s
  • Automated per-branch production-quality review environments
  • Cloud-based terminal for running one-off commands (e.g. rake/yarn) or getting a CLI/REPL (e.g. ipython)
  • Managed CI/CD YAML delivered into your own cloud account
  • Best practices to speed up build, add security (e.g. distinct service accounts), and run a complete CI pipeline (e.g. linting/vuln scanning) all included
  • Automated gitops for your production environment
  • UI to deploy from staging to production in the coherence dashboard
  • Automated blue/green deployments (coming soon!)
  • Accelerate your progress to DORA Elite

You can see a video walkthrough of the product here:

What migration looks like

  • Add a Dockerfile to each service in your app (frontend, backend, etc) - if you don't already have one
  • Add coherence.yml in your repo with a few lines for each service (~5-10 lines per service)
  • Connect our github app
  • Add any needed configuration in our UI for each service (ENV variables as well as file-mounted configuration)
  • We estimate 1-3 days of effort to migrate an existing app, <30 mins effort for a new app
  • If you don’t have a way of generating seed data or DB migrations for your database, you'll need to do that work as part of the migration. Our team is here to support you in this effort, and it's worth it!

You don’t need to switch over production on day 1! You can play with a subset of features, e.g. Cloud IDE and review environments, just to get a feel for the platform, and migrate parts of your work as it makes sense. Aside from the coherence.yml, no repo changes are required and no specific technology is required. Any app that can be containerized can be deployed on Coherence!

Coherence operates on a trunk-based workflow, with your trunk branch being deployed to your staging environment continuously, and to your production environment when you want it to be (automatic or manual). You can configure the trunk branch name in Coherence's settings.

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