What is required to migrate my app?

Before migrating your application onto Coherence, you will need the following.


Each service of your application will need its own Dockerfile.


In addition to a Dockerfile(s), your repo will need a coherence.yml file. This YAML file tells Coherence which services and infrastructure your application needs.

We have detailed documentation on how to configure it here.

Cloud account

You will need either a Google Cloud Account (GCP) or an Amazon Web Services account (AWS).

FAQ's & how-to guides

Starter templates

We have several starter templates and example repo’s that you can reference and use as a starting point for your application.

Coherence is not limited to these frameworks.

How to use

These templates can be cloned into your account by clicking on the green "Use this template" button in the repo.

Use this template button

You can also copy the Dockerfile and coherence.yml into your repo to use as a starting point.

Help & support

If you have any questions or need help migrating your app, please book a call with us.

How much does it cost?