Why do we require cloud billing?

Certain services used in the Coherence architecture require cloud billing to be enabled. It's important to note that both AWS and GCP offer credits for new accounts that cover the costs of using the below services for a period of time (e.g. on GCP $300 for 90 days)


A handful services we configure require billing enbaled in order to deploy:

  • Cloud Load Balancing is used to route traffic to deployed services
  • For frontend services, Cloud CDN is also configured
  • For backend services, Cloud SQL and Memorystore are configured if requested as a resource
  • For backend services where Scheduled Tasks or Long-Running Workers are configured, a Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) Cluster in Autopilot mode is creating. Private nodes with NAT for egress are configured. GCP credits one free GKE Autopilot control plane per month for each billing account.

Other than these 2 services, everything we deploy is free-tier eligible and purely usage based (Cloud CDN will be very low cost as it is request-based pricing). For applications without heavy production levels of traffic, our usage of services like Cloud Storage, Cloud Build, Cloud Run, Compute Engine, or VPC will not incur costs.

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