Development Workspaces

Disposable cloud IDE's

Workspaces are ephemeral Cloud IDE instances that you can easily create in the Coherence UI for each feature in an app that you're a member of.

While providing a lightweight and easy way to review code and make small edits, they're also powerful enough to be the day-to-day dev environment for the best engineers in the world.

Our goal is to offer the configuration and customizability that you need on top of proven and familiar tools such as VSCode, Jetbrains products, Vim, or emacs.

One of the most valuable things about the Cloud IDE is avoiding complex local environment debugging issues and wasted time by being able to easily reset to a known state. They're also a great way to run the code that you're reviewing without polluting your local environment (which may be on a different branch).

Workspaces expose both the IDE as well as the "dev preview", a port exposing all of your services with the same routes as your deployed application. The link to both is present on the feature page in your Coherence dashboard.

What if I don't like cloud IDE's?

You don't have to use the Workspace in order to get the rest of Coherence's environment benefits. If you maintain your own local environment, the Coherence platform will not distinguish between code pushed to github from a workspace or code pushed from your self-hosted local environment. That means you'll still get no-code CI pipelines and gitops...

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