Review Environments

aka "Continuous Previews" or "Review Apps" or "Environments-as-a-Service"

Review environments are production-equivalent deployments of your application to a cloud project separate from your production environment.

Coherence automatically creates an environment for each feature that tracks and updates via git pushes to the feature branch.

"Staging" is a review environment pointing at your main branch (usually "master/main/production" where you can do integration testing before promoting builds to production

Environment URLs

The URL for each environment can be found on the visit link on the environment's page on the Coherence dashboard and follows the pattern Coherence will manage mapping each application's load balancer to this DNS name as well as providing an SSL certificate using cloud-managed SSL certificates.

You can also configure a custom domain for any environment. You'll manage the DNS entry (e.g. adding an A record) but we will manage the SSL cert once configured.

Public Assets URLs

For each cloud project (review/production), for each application, Coherence sets up a CDN-fronted cloud storage bucket for you to use. On the dashboard, you can get to the bucket using the link in infrastructure tab for each environment.

To access the files on the frontend, use the URL for the environment, but replace the environment name with public-assets, e.g. This is so that these assets can be shared across environments.

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